Top Chef's Demand the Best

POSTED BY justin IN blog, news, video, work @ May 5, 2014 - 12:43 pm

This past week we were hired as the production company to film the document US FOODS' "Food Fanatics Live", at the Charleston Convention Center.

Food Fanatics Live is a touring food show where chefs and restaurateurs can experience the latest products, on-trend cooking demonstrations and business seminars designed to help restaurateurs succeed. Food Fanatics chefs are culinary experts who partner with chefs and restaurateurs to help their business succeed.
As always I LOVE SHOOTING FOOD! Not only is US FOODS a beautiful beast of a company, as the USA's leading food service distributor with nearly $19 billion dollars in annual revenue and the 10th largest private company in America, they throw one heck of a fun, delicious event.
Shooting with the Canon C100, I was able to move around the Convention Center with ease, shooting plenty of Broll and interviews with just a Producer and myself. Attaching a wireless handheld mic to the C100 allowed us to capture clean, fast sound from a revolving set of on-screen interviewers  and interviewees alike, while capturing clear, crisp audio that drowned out the loud murmur of the background crowd.
The completed raw footage was one-day aired to US FOODS HQ, which will be edited, thrown up on their YouTube Channel and turned into something like this: