The Mini Cine

POSTED BY justin IN blog, news, The Mini Cine @ June 6, 2014 - 11:10 am

The Mini Cine at 1600 Meeting StreetPainters & Sculpter's have galleries, or even the streets. Musicians have bars, nightclubs, and other venues (and streets too). But as a filmmaker, public dissemination points are very well controlled by having to watch film inside of a movie theater. Yes, I can throw my stuff on Vimeo, or YouTube, but having an audience - that is where it's at. So what are the options?

I pondered this for a long while. Could it be possible to create a space where I can show work by myself, and others? Living in a port city, Charleston, SC - the 4th largest port in the USA, we see thousands of shipping containers float by us every day. What if we could turn one into a screening room? I told myself that I would do this, no matter what.

Almost 2 years later, we have - The Mini Cine - a mobile mini-cinema constructed inside of a 40' recycled shipping container. This international cargo container box has been around the world by sea 120 times, now beginning an entire new life on land, as a 33 seat screening room with a 100" HD screen and pro surround sound. Fun!

In 5 minutes, an 18-wheeler can flatbed the Mini Cine, and be on the road to an event. Equipped for parties, festivals, private events, or to just kick back and watch a great film, The Mini Cine has found a home at 1600 Meeting Street, a local creative cluster and collaborative work environment.

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