New tv series concept in Columbia

POSTED BY justin IN blog, work @ March 28, 2014 - 7:50 pm

This past week I was up in Columbia, SC shooting a new tv docu-series concept for OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) titled "Wing Men". Great crew, awesome cast, fun idea.

We shot the show on Canon C300's and Canon / Zeiss / Tamron Glass. This is the 3rd tv series I have shot on the Canon C300 with 2 more slated in the near future - ("Live from Daryl's House" shooting next week!)  It is quite run & gun and an easier workflow than one would think. Lots of lens changes, however. For this series the look was to go for more practical and available light - and I thought it looked pretty great. The most we had ever used was 3 or 4 Kino's here and there to fill in.

The biggest challenge was to film inside of a food truck. In the end the fluorescent tubes in the truck were replaced with Kino bulbs with some more Kino additions - taken out of the light holders themselves.

We used a Mark3 for some Broll here and there - and some GoPro's for driving shots. Looks like I might have the opportunity to go back and shoot some aerials with our quadcopter.

tv series collage