Motion Tracking - Sign Replacement

POSTED BY justin IN blog, work @ April 24, 2014 - 4:06 pm

Frequently we will get called to tweak spots we have produced in the past, as time goes on companies change and want to replace a narrated line here, a graphic there.
We produce most of Nason Medical Center's television commercials and we were asked to replace a big sign - on a moving shot, with alternate text.

With this kind of work, done in Adobe After Effects, it is a cleaner job if the original footage was shot as high res as possible. These spots we shot with a Canon C100 and a Atomos Ninja recording Pro Res HQ.

In one day the spots were changed and back on the air. We were really pleased with our results. Here are some before and after stills and the resulting video:

Television commercial before and after

Motion Tracking before and after

Television commercial before and after

Motion tracking before and after