Kulture Klash SPLASH

POSTED BY justin IN blog, news, video @ April 11, 2011 - 7:46 am

I had the fortunate experience to spend 4 days documenting the creation of an urban wakeboard pool for Kulture Klash 7 this weekend. There were high highs (killer footage, fun times) and low lows (footage that almost killed a $10,000 camera).

Headed by the incomparable Davey Blair, and Dave Brisacher (Big Hair), the space between two buildings at the Navy Yard @ Noisette was turned into something Charleston had never seen.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent in the (hot) sun filming the from-scratch build out of the 150 long pools with my t2i and a bunch of GoPro's, and Saturday was the main event - multi camera shoot.

Enter Brent - I had given Brent a camera position to capture some test runs. He set up at the end edge of the end pool. Davey comes ripping down the pool, all the way to the very end, drops the wench and rips the wakeboard backside, hard, splashing gallons....I means gallons of water directly into Brent's camera. I did not see it with my own eyes. I was filming on the other end....but I heard the gasps and the "oh no's" and sprinted to him. He was soaked....camera and body. So, Brent was on site not 20 minutes before his SONY EX3 got soaked. I literally almost had a heart attack. I felt his pain. In true Charleston fashion, several people came to the rescue with towels and other dry stuff. Yet, the camera was fucked....

And yes, Brent caught "the shot".......here it is.

Brent had to leave and stick his camera in rice for several days.

However, I just got a text from Brent, which precipitated writing this post....THE CAMERA IS WORKING AGAIN!!! YESSSS!!!

By the way, the entire time we were drying Brent and his camera off, I was filming him. I could not resist. That footage is priceless. (well, it almost cost me $10,000) I am cutting it together now.