Heavy Lifting: A Story of Flawless Execution

POSTED BY justin IN blog, commercial, Documentary, video, work @ March 27, 2015 - 3:30 am

This is the 3rd Fortune 100 client we have produced commercial and corporate video for in 2015 - and it's still March!

This was shot with a Canon C300, Canon C100, a few shots here and there with the SONY FS7 (had just arrived the last day of shooting) and a bunch of GoPro's.

I am so proud of my talented production crew who helped make this short documentary a reality. It was a challenging experience, following the journey of a 1.5 million pound Westinghouse AP1000® PWR steam generator from the Port of Charleston, S.C. (USA) to the V.C. Summer Units 2 & 3 site in Jenkinsville, S.C.

This video tells the story of what can be accomplished when people work as a team.

I say it all the time - I love my job, because I get to meet, work with, and make fast family with outstanding human beings, every day.

Also - we got to ride in an original Schnabel Car - the worlds largest railroad car, designed to carry railroad freight. A few months ago we shot a show For the Discovery Channel Canada featuring the largest wind turbine testing facility, right here in North Charleston. I Thought that was big, and techy, and needed a heap of Engineers. But this trumps it. Way trumps it.