2011 Charleston International Film Festival Winners

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This was the first year I was too busy to see any films at the Charleston International Film Festival. And even though we had a short, (unlisted) film play on Saturday night, we werent there. It was a short piece from Chuck and Chalice.

Mad congrats however, to the winners. Here they are.

Golden Crescent Award
-Golden Crescent Award for Best Film : "LA I Hate You" – Produced by Warren Ostergard

Jury Awards
- Best Feature: "Angel Camouflaged" – Written and Directed by Michael Givens
- Best Short: "The Story of Us" – Written and Directed by Paul Krizan
- Jury Award for Best Documentary: "American Jihadist" – Directed and Produced by Mark Claywell

Audience Choice Awards
- Best Documentary: "(Re)Discovering Don ZanFagna" –Directed by Kevin Harrison
- Best Feature: "Cherry." – Written, Directed and Produced by Quinn Saunders
- Best Short: "God and Vodka" – Written and Directed by Daniel Stine

- Best Foreign Film: "Atroz" – Written, Directed and Produced by Francisco Álvarez
- Best Animation: "Place Stamp Here" – Directed by Joy Vaccese and Noelle Melody

Screenplay Awards

Golden Crescent Screenplay Competition Winner: William Blackmon for "The Featherkeeper"
-First Runner-Up: Elvis Wilson for "Driving Top Down"
-Second Runner-Up: Sheila Watson & Tony Watson for "The Manifest"

Special Honors
-Channel 5 for Best Actress: Dedee Pfeiffer in "The Tub"
-Channel 5 Award for Best Actor: Brian Dennehy in "alleged"

-Cinebarre Award for Best SC Short Film: "Saying Goodbye" – Written and Produced by Brian Rish and Jocelyn Rish